Empire’s Glory Online Slot Introduced

Empire’s Glory Online Slot Introduced

With 5 reels, and a total of 9 pay lines, the Empire’s Glory slots game offers a number of customizable features for all players. While the game does not offer a progressive jackpot, players can still win up to $500 by placing the maximum bet. This Gladiator themed online slot from Viaden will transport players to the Coliseum where they’ll engage in battle that will hopefully see them emerge victorious. Gorgeous graphics, a soundtrack that perfectly fits the theme and the chance to win big are all part of the Empires Glory slots game.

A Chance to Win Big

This maximum jackpot translates to a win of 1000 coins. There is no scatter symbol, no free spins, nor any win multipliers that form part of this specific slots game but with such a large jackpot this does not influence players’ winning potential. The coin betting range can be set as low as $0.10 right up to $4.50 per coin, with a coin bet range of $0.10 to $0.50. 1 coin can be bet per line.

In Empire’s Glory, players are able to choose how many win lines they would like to be active for the next spin. The more win lines that are active, the more possibilities there are for attaining a successful result. However, more active win lines means that the spin will cost the player more coins.

Max Bet and Auto Spin Features

Empire’s Glory slots game includes a Bet Max button, which casino players can access at any time on the game interface. The Bet Max button will automatically place the maximum bet for the next spin, which in turn does give players the chance of winning the main jackpot.

The auto spin button that is available to Empire’s Glory players is also useful at times. If you want to keep on playing the game, but you need to step away from the screen or there is something else you are busy with, then the auto spin button will allow you to continue playing. By selecting this option, the game will continue playing, and the reels will keep spinning, without requiring the player’s intervention or attention. This way, the game will continue to give you winning opportunities without you having to do anything. The auto spin option can be turned on or off at any time during the game.

Empire’s Glory Gamble Game

For players who are looking at increasing their Empire’s Glory slots winnings, a gamble feature is available after every win like in some online pokies for real money. Once pressing the gamble button, the player must attempt to correctly guess the colour of the card, or the suit of the card. If they are able to do this, their winnings will be increased. A correct prediction of the colour of the card will double a win, whilst also guessing the suit will quadruple a payout.

Of course the risk of using this gamble feature is that if you guess incorrectly, the winnings from the last spin will be lost. If you like the idea of taking the extra risk to increase your winnings, then this is an excellent added feature of the game.

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