An Introduction to Some Movie Themed Online Slots

An Introduction to Some Movie Themed Online Slots

Sometimes, it is as if the movie finished too quickly and we are left wanting more, purely because it was so damn good. With the world of online slots, you can now go back to your favourite movie, over and over again until the end of time. This time, you get to say when it is done.

The Pre-Historic Madness Continues – Jurassic Park

The gates of Jurassic Park may have closed to us more than 25 years ago, but it doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye forever. The movie kept us on the edge of our seats and the Jurassic World Online slot is sure to do exactly the same to you.

The game features a crazy 243 pay line, making it almost impossible to lose. There are multipliers that you have to catch throughout the game, that will keep on multiplying the lines that you haven’t yet won, until you win them. All of this you can do in three settings – the creation lab, the gyrosphere valley and the raptor den. Catching raptors has never been this fun.

A Slot as Old as Time – Beauty and the Beast

Probably one of Disney’s best masterpieces ever, was the unforgettable Beauty and the Beast. It was a magical movie with incredible graphics and the online slot surely does live up to that very same high expectation.

As far as online movie slots are concerned, the Beauty and the Beast slot is probably the one that stands out the most in terms of graphics and general aesthetic. From the moment you arrive at the beast’s castle, it takes you on a wonderful love story trip. Keep your eye on the magical rose though, as it will give you free spins.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Themed Slot

DC and the World of Slots – Superman VS Batman

Not a single movie related article could be complete without the mention of the superheroes era that we live in. And no slot experience could be complete without a slot where you can interact with your favourite heroes.

The Dawn of Justice, Superman VS Batman online slot, is a superheroes adventure like you have never experienced it before. The game is set in Metropolis and you have to choose which of the two heroes you would like to support. Like going through the FIFA Cup betting odds in NZ, navigate your gameplay through excellent graphics that feature the Batmobile, Kryptonite and other iconic imagery.

Show the Ruby to the Sun – Jumanji!

While we are still on the edge of our seats, who can forget the 1990’s classic movie, Jumanji. Many years later came the remakes with Dwayne Johnson and it brought it all back to us. Then the next level, the slot game was made.

All of us have watched Jumanji and thought about what we would do if we were in that position. With the amazing Jumanji slot game, you can do just that. Experience running away from crazy overgrown vines as they ensnare you or hide from stampeding rhinos, that could give you some wild card spins. All these amazing features also give you an enormous number of free spins.

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