A List of Biggest Casinos In The World

A List of Biggest Casinos In The World

Entertainment is in ever greater demand as people seek distractions from the stress of work, and casinos are the perfect escape. Patrons entertain themselves with a myriad of games – craps, roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines – and can stay in luxurious hotels in their downtime. With casinos, bigger is definitely better.

The Current Top Ten

The ten largest casinos worldwide are largely situated in the USA and China, with a few exceptions. As the rankings stand, the top ten are:

  1. WinStar World Casino, USA
  2. Venetian Macau, China
  3. City of Dreams, China
  4. Foxwoods, USA
  5. Wynn Macau, China
  6. Ponte 16, China
  7. Rio Casino Resort, South Africa
  8. Sands Macau, China
  9. MGM Grand, USA
  10. Casino Lisboa, Portugal

How Big Are They?

In 10th place is Casino Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal – the only European casino to make the top ten. At over 165 000 square feet, the casino sits alongside a hotel and array of other entertainments.

Next, at over 170 000 square feet, is the MGM Grand of the Las Vegas Strip. It holds the title of the largest single hotel in America, with over 6800 rooms, and also contains outdoor pools and waterfalls, shops and restaurants.

China’s Giant Casinos

A number of the largest casinos in the world are situated in Macau, China. Sands Macau, Ponte 16, Wynn Macau, City of Dreams and The Venetian Macau are all in the top ten globally. Sands Macao is 229 000 square feet in size and cost $240 million to build. That might seem huge, but it’s actually one of China’s smaller ones. Ponte 16 checks in at 270 000 square feet, Wynn Macau at 273 000 square feet, City of Dreams at 420 000 and The Venetian Macau at a whopping 1.2 million square feet.

Casinos are such a lucrative business that Sands Macau, 8th biggest worldwide, paid for itself within a year of construction – attractions include a spa, theatre, and nine restaurants and bars.

SA’s Casino: 7th Biggest Worldwide

Klerksdorp in the North West Province of SA is the home of the Rio Casino Resort, at 266 330 square feet. It opened in 2002 and its carnival-inspired space hosts slots online games, machines, a hotel, restaurants, and more.

USA: Biggest Is Best

Apart from MGM Grand, USA is also home to Foxwoods in Connecticut (4th largest), which is 340 000 square feet, and WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma – the largest casino in the world at 600 000 square feet.

While Foxwoods boasts a mall and recreational activities, WinStar takes the cake with 7000+ gaming machines and an 800-capacity bingo hall (and that’s just for starters). This casino is owned and run by the Chickasaw Nation, who have managed to grow WinStar from a bingo hall in 1990 to a world-class centre enjoyed by millions.

Still Room For Expansion

It should come as no surprise that those behind these casinos aren’t stopping any time soon. As people look for entertainment and the chance of winning big, the demand for casinos is only going one way: up.

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