Video Poker Online in Detail for You

Video Poker Online in Detail for You

Poker currently holds the crown for being the world’s most popular card game, even beating out blackjack. It’s been played for hundreds of years, starting out in Europe before finding a huge fanbase in the United States, where it was a staple across the country.

Today, poker can be found in a few different varieties, with one of the most well-known being video poker. Video poker offers all of the fun and excitement of a regular game of poker, but with the added benefit of the games being in digital form, either as a stand-alone machine at a casino, or as an online variant. Let’s look at online video poker, how it works, and how players can enjoy it.

How It Works

When loading up a game of online video poker, a player will need to go through certain steps before they can start winning some money.

Firstly, they will be presented with a range of different stakes, which is the amount of cash that the player would like to put down. This correlates directly with the amount they’re liable to win or lose by the end of the round. Next, they can hit the ‘deal’ button, where the automated dealer will given them a selection of randomly chosen cards. This is the hand that the player will have to use to try and get a value that’s good enough to win against the house.

The player can choose among the cards for the ones that they believe will give them the best value available. The player will also be given the option to draw, where they can decide on using different cards if the ones they were handed don’t quite give them the value that they want. Once the hand has been chosen the player is able  to call, essentially asking the dealer to show their cards so they can be compared and find out who the winner is.

If the player is successful against the house, they can win an amount of money that depends on that specific game’s pay-table.

How Casino Video Poker Works

The Winning Hands in Video Poker

Online video poker uses almost the same rules as the normal version of the game, including the hands that lead to a player winning a round.

  • Royal flush – A combination of king, queen, ace, jack, and 10
  • Straight flush – Ten, nine, eight, seven, and six in a single hand
  • 4-Of-A-Kind – Four cards of the same value at once
  • Full House – Sets of two cards of a particular value combined with three cards of the same value
  • Straight – Two, three, four, five, and six
  • Flush – A hand containing five cards of the same suit, but not necessarily in sequential order
  • 3-Of-A-Kind – Landing three cards of the same value in a hand
  • Two pair – Two sets of cards with the same values

It’s often possible to get some practice in for free online, as many casinos will offer a free version of video poker like the slot sites offering no deposit option at online in Canada.

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