Supe It Up Online Slot Summarized for Players

Supe It Up Online Slot Summarized for Players

Supe It Up is a slot that will appeal to any petrol head out there, especially those who enjoy customising cars and all the various mods that cars can have installed. The game is all about cars, from the workbench that makes up the background to the symbols which feature differed suped-up cars, Supe It Up is quintessential game for the car lover. While there are many car slot games on the market, Microgaming’s own version will still have enough bonus content to keep many happy, as well as a 10000x jackpot. This is a bright, colourful game that can provide plenty of traditional gameplay.

Playing Supe It Up

Gameplay in Supe It Up is as straightforward as they come, where players can choose through various betting options and then use the spin button to start the reels turning. Different combinations mean different winnings, all of which can often be increased dramatically through the bonus content offered by the slot. The base game is made up of 25 paylines across 5 reels, and both high and low value symbols. Numbers and letters make up the lower value symbols, while the supercars themselves make up the rest, and have a much higher combination value.

The various buttons and options along the bottom of the game are just as extravagant as the game itself, where the spin button is large and red, and everything else is made up of a multitude of colours. Players can choose the amount they would like to bet, as well as the number of active paylines and a passive multiplier, which can increase winnings but also costs more to use by adding extra to the bet amount.

Supe It Up Slot Wild

Comparing with the wild icon in some other real online pokies, the wild in Supe It Up is not a standard wild in that every time it completes a combination, all winnings from that combination are instantly doubled.

Supe It Up Microgaming Slots

Supe It Up Free Spins Bonus

The speak symbol is one to look out for, as this is the scatter of Supe It Up. Players will want to land three of these speakers anywhere across the reels, after which the player will get between 20 and 30 free spins, depending on the number of scatters that land, with 5 scatters needed for the full 30 spins. Furthermore, if a combinations is completed using two or more scatters, the speakers will begin vibrating and playing some music. During the free spins bonus rounds, every winning combination is multiplied by 6x, and more free spins can be earned as well, with the use of more landed scatters.

Supe It Up Gamble

Supe It Up comes with its own gamble mini game, which players have the chance of activating after the end of a successful spin. Here, the player is give a choice of different cards, and the player will need to predict what kind of card they think it is. Correct guesses mean even more to the total, while incorrect guesses end the gamble game and takes the player back to the main game.

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