Rainbow Riches Online Slot at a Glance

Rainbow Riches Online Slot at a Glance

The Rainbow Riches slot machine game is an exclusively online gambling console, created by Barcrest Software. It features a simple, yet elegant design, doing away with many of the bells ad whistles seen in other slot machine games, in favour of streamlined game playing experience. It is based around the well known Irish folklore tale of the leprechaun, making use of all the recognisable aspects of the story. As with all slot machine games, the player is required to make an upfront bet, after which the reels are spun and matching sequences are paid out. Note that the game may be played on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. If playing on mobile phone, please not that the game may not be compatible with every model pf phone.

User Interface Details

The Rainbow Riches slot machine game features a simple, easy to understand user interface. It is also optimised for one touch functionality, meaning that the game works well on modern devices with a touch screen, including mobile phones and tablet. At the upper right of the screen the user will see the balance, which updates as the game progresses. In the bottom right is the interface to adjust the play lines, as well as the current bet. These values may be manipulated by the plus and minus buttons. Remember that adjusting the play lines will increase or decrease the statistical chance of getting a wining sequence, but will also automatically effect the total current bet. The green spin button, found in the centre of the bottom interface, triggers one manual single spin. At the bottom right of the screen is the auto play button, which will allow the game to take multiple spins in sequence, with no input required from the player. Note also the play table button, beside the auto play button, which will give a detailed explanation of the game’s rules and special bonus features. The central area of the screen is, of course, the play area, where the reels will spin and matching sequences will be formed.

Rainbow Riches Slot Interface

Play Symbols and Their Values

The play symbols of the Rainbow riches slot game, all sticking with the Irish theme, include easily recognisable images. These include a rainbow, pot of gold, and of course the leprechaun. As in many Neteller slots at https://canadianslotsonline.org/neteller, the standard playing card symbols are also present, including a ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Note that the playing card symbols have the expected value of ten being the lowest, and ace being the highest. The most valuable symbol in the game is the written word Rainbow Riches, which, if matched five times with itself, give a substantial payout. The gold coin is a wild symbol, and may be matched with any other symbol to create a matching sequence.

Special Features and Bonuses

The player will want to see rainbows and leprechauns as much as possible in the Rainbow Riches slot game. The leprechaun, if matched three times in any position, triggers the road to riches mini-game. This involves a screen with the leprechaun approaching a road. The player must spin the wheel to give the leprechaun steps, which will allow him to travel up the road and gather money.

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