Ooh Aah Dracula Online Slot Details for Players

Ooh Aah Dracula Online Slot Details for Players

Here we go again with another themed slot game from Barcrest games, this time the adventure is centred on the infamous legend of Count Dracula. As can probably be gathered from the title of this slot the theme is not done in a serious, somber way that is more mainstream for this kind of theme, and instead with a more light hearted and cartoon styled approach. The design and layout is still rather dark, understandable since vampires have never really been fans of the light. The symbols and graphics are well done and complement each other.

Ooh Aah Dracula slot is a fixed 10 pay line game, with 5 reels and the bet range coming from the available line stake selection. There is also a Hi roller bet which can award 2 sets of 5 spins with several better prizes as well as an increased RTP, for an increased bet of course. The bonus features in this slot include Wilds, a free spins bonus and a tombstone pick’em bonus that is thematically on point and offers some dead decent prizes.

Inspecting the Theme, Reels and Betting

In terms of theme support Barcrest games have included a fair few features that create the atmosphere of the living dead on the reels of this Ooh Aah Dracula slot. The backdrop and sound effects add to the experience, though some of the sounds seem a little obscure and can get slightly repetitive. The symbols on the reels is where many themed slots make up the atmosphere and this one exploits this avenue quite well.

The symbols are slightly cartoon styled but still hold a sense of mystery and darkness. The symbols include a rather eccentric looking Dracula, a Castle, female Vampire, a heart with a stake through and the game logo symbol. Other symbols include themed playing cards which have been done up nicely to adopt the role of lower win symbols.

Betting as mentioned above is rather broad with the real interesting facet being the Hi roller bet available. Here players can pick between 2 options, each a batch of 5 spins and each with its own benefits. The first is the lower costing Hi roller bet which awards 5 spins and a graveyard bonus after free spins. The second one enables the same thing but with a super graveyard bonus instead. Sounds odd but since both of these bump the RTP up to 99% it’s also quite worth it.

Ooh Aah Dracula Slot Theme

Bonus Features across Ooh Aah Dracula Slot

The first of these is the Wild symbols, listed as ‘Wilds’ and brightly coloured to stand out against the other symbols. This can switch for other game symbols to complete wins. It cannot switch for the Scatter bonus symbols however.

The heart with the stake through it is the Scatter for Ooh Aah Dracula slot and triggers the free spins feature. 3 or more activates this, with 3 Scatters winning 15 free spins and a randomly assigned Wild. 4 wins the same except with the choice of an additional 10 spins after the fact. 5 Scatters wins the same but with a further 5 spins and 3 Wilds assigned. These free spins are bolstered by the Hi roller bet by enabling greater chance to land more Scatters after the 3.

The bonus game is a simple tombstone pick’em game where players will be presented with a selection of tombstones and a choice of picking 1. With the Hi roller bet active this feature triggers after the free spins feature and is even better through the higher Hi roller bet.

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