More Details about Teen Patti for Casino Players

More Details about Teen Patti for Casino Players

Renowned throughout India and most of south Asia, Teen Patti (also spelled Teen Pathi) Is a card game whose name means ‘three cards’. It also goes by the name of Flush – and it is assumed by many to have originated out of the almost identical English card game of Three Card Brag.

One of the best things about Teen Patti is the game is a great option to teach to all ages, and it is often played at family gatherings and festivals such as Diwali, throughout India.

How to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is usually played by four or more players and follows the standard deck of 52 cards, with Ace ranked as the highest card, and 2 ranked as the lowest card. Players then agree on the starting stake bet for the pot before play can begin. The dealer then will deal out a hand of three cards to each player who is playing, and players will then choose to view their cards which rated as seen, before betting, or leave their cards face down and betting, which is called playing blind. Bets are then placed as to who has the best card hand.

The bets happen clockwise for as many turns as required, and betting continues until a player folds- and that player then gives up their chance of winning the pot they’ve been putting money into. Winning can only occur when there are two players left, and the pot can only be won once one of the two remaining players pays for a show – in which all cards are revealed. The winner then wins the pot.

How to Rank Your Hand

When it comes to ranking the card hands, the best hand available is a Trail or Trio hand in which all three cards the player has is of the same rank – with 3 Aces viewed as the best hand around, and 3 Two’s ranked as the lowest.

A straight run is viewed as the next best thing, in which all three cards drawn follow in a patter of the same suit, such as an Ace, Two and Three, or an Ace, King, Queen. This then goes all the way down to the final straight run option of Four, Three, Two. It should be noted that the combination of a Two, Ace, King is not a valid hand to have.

Playing Teen Patti Online

A normal run is a decent hand option, and it consists of three cards that are not in the same suit running consecutively like the above option, such as  Ace, Two, Three or Ace, King, Queen in a suit such as hearts, diamonds, spades.

Two of a kind is when two cards share the same rank, such as Ace, Ace, King being the highest pair run around, and Two, Two, Three being the lowest pair option around.

A colour runs involve having three cards of the same suit being drawn, such as a Jack, Six and Three of Spades. When it comes to comparing two colour runs, the one with the highest card will determine the winner. The highest colour combination around is Ace, King, Jack, with the lowest colour run being Five, Three, Two.

High Card is the final run option and the lowest winning run. It involves having a high card of an Ace, King, Jack of mixed suits, all the way down to the cards of Five, Three, Two. However, if any player has a run of any of the above, players with only a high card will lose.

So, if you want try out Teen Patti online, you can do so from your PC or smartphone in the similar way blackjack is played in Canada at

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