NASCAR Betting Guide for Punters

NASCAR Betting Guide for Punters

NASCAR is one of the most exciting motorsports in existence. With an average grid horsepower of over 30000 (yes, thirty thousand horsepower), Cars travelling in excess of 200mph while being close enough scratch paint off of each other and more rivalry than fighting sports have. NASCAR is a fantastic spectacle from any standpoint.

No matter who you are or what you enjoy, nobody can stop the sheer adrenaline rush when watching NASCAR drivers battle it out at speeds that beggar belief. The best part, though? You can not only enjoy this fantastic sport by watching, but you could be making money off of it too! NASCAR betting has grown as much as NASCAR itself and is a great way to add a little extra excitement to an already thrilling sport. Below we will discuss why NASCAR may just be the best sport to bet on.

Payoff and Odds

NASCAR has some of the best odds available. With over 40 drivers on track and a much closer front rivalry then many other sports, the odds in NASCAR are typically much better than that available in other sports. If we combine this with a decent amount of research behind your bets, it relates to one of the most financially lucrative sports that one could bet on.


When betting on any sport, consistency is key. NASCAR as part of its heritage keeps change down to a minimum, besides driver changes, the rules change much less frequently or dramatically when compared to other motorsports. This leaves us with a sport where the same driver in the same car year on year can be expected to yield similar results.

While this is not always set in stone, previous year results tend to be a lot more accurate to current performance in NASCAR than other sports. There will always be wildcards and changes in the mix, but if you are willing to put some time into research I cannot think of a sport where the research should yield better results than NASCAR.

NASCAR Wagering


Unlike some other more complex sports (even other motorsport can be a minefield of rules at times), NASCAR lends itself to the simpler side of the spectrum. A straight-forward sport that anybody could understand going in on the very first time. Keen to bring a friend in on the action? No worry at all. Within 5 minutes anybody watching the sport can understand what is going on and enjoy it too.

Off the Field

NASCAR does not stop when a race day is over. With rivalries extending well beyond the walls of the track between not only drivers but fans too, NASCAR presents itself as one of the most involved sports out there. People go to wild extents in support of their favourite driver and team. While I wouldn’t not recommend this for your betting’s sake, it is possible to take advantage off. Do your research and be sure about your bet, the payoff potential will be even higher when your research points against the most popular decision.

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